PBC Pirates Cooperstown Wrap-up

The PBC Pirates are back from Cooperstown and enjoying their own beds again.  PBC Baseball is super proud of the boys and their effort while at Cooperstown. 

The Pirates saw lots of action and managed to end up 12 out 52 teams.  9 players hit home-runs while at Cooperstown – Dylan DeLeo hit 5, Nolan Topper hit 3, Aidan Welsh hit 2, Blake Sheffield, Simon Scharff, Ethan Lowry and Caleb Smith all hit 1 each, Zach Sanborn hit 2 and Hayden Foster hit 3.  Blake Sheffield placed 2nd out of 600 players with the fastest base running time in the skills competition. Way to make a great showing, boys! Each player played with all they had and left it all on the field when it was said and done.  The fans back in Florida loved being able to support the team by watching the games via the live stream.  What an wonderful experience for all!

Way to go PBC Pirates!!

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